LED Belisha Disk

Harding Traffic's Illuminated Belisha disc is a well proven, reliable product that significantly increases safety at pedestrian crossings. At night, the internal LED's flash and the reflective coating ensures compliance is met during the daytime.
Product Description:
Our LED Pedestrian Belisha Discs are internally illuminated and provide a safe, evenly lit and highly visible sign surface. The LED Pedestrian Belisha Disc uses high quality LED's with a lifespan up to 50,000 hours. The disc is compliant with TCD Rule 16-3 Belisha Pedestrian Disc.
When not illuminated, the sign has a high-quality retro- reflective fluorescent orange surface and meets the requirements of a standard WU4 / PW-65 sign. This ensures a high standard of road safety day or night and in all visibility conditions.
The power supply and flasher are small so can be easily installed inside a roadside cabinet or at the bottom of the pole. The Belisha Discs can be top mounted or side mounted to the pole. For synchronised flashing, a single flasher / power supply is used and both beacons are powered from this unit.
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Crossing Illumination, Electronic Street Signals, Intersection Safety, Mains Powered, Pedestrian Safety 
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