Cardin Barrier

Harding Traffic is proud to exclusively supply and support the Cardin barrier range throughout New Zealand. Operating in some of the highest profile sites in NZ, these barriers offer very high reliability and excellent value for money.
Product Description:
Harding Traffic's barrier range covers applications requiring 3m to 8m booms with articulated and
customised length options available. Designed and built for use on carparks of all dimensions, our
barriers are made of passivated steel and spray-painted aluminium. These offer maximum resistance to
the effects of weathering throughout time even in environments where they are exposed to corrosives
such as saline elements and smoke.

All the components are housed and protected inside the barrier cabinet. The mechanical components
are mounted on a robust steel chassis and consist of a highly efficient, double reduction geared motor
and an adjustable spring-loaded balancing system. The electronic control unit, complete with battery
charger and NiMH batteries is located inside a dedicated waterproof container, inside the cabinet.
The integrated controller allows encoder-controlled boom positioning, automatic repositioning, and

The control unit is completed by the anti-crush and 'soft start' and 'soft stop' functions. The control
unit is factory fitted with a graphic LCD display (128 x 128 pixels) with backlighting in six different
languages allowing on-site configuration and modification of parameters by suitably qualified service
agents. Adjustable parameters include sequential button mode, automatic reclosing, warning lamp
flashing as well as deceleration adjustment both in the opening and closing directions.

The electronic control unit, thanks to the inclusion of a real-time clock, allows for up to 10 events
(shown on the display) to regulate the opening and closing of the motor at different times during the
day within 3 weekly time bands (Mon-Fri, Sat-Sun, Mon-Sun). The events can be enabled or disabled
(during holiday periods) either from the controller or by means of an external signal.
Multiple options such as RF remote control, Pin Pad, Presence / Safety Loops and Activation methods
are available
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