Workzone Speed Indication Device (SID)

Experience the future of work zone safety with our versatile, portable, and durable SID. Featuring an integrated radar system, it detects vehicle speeds and displays them on a bright LED screen.
Product Description:
At Harding Traffic, we are committed to enhancing safety in road-side work zones with our innovative Speed Indication Device (SID). Designed for versatility, portability, and durability, our SID is the ideal solution for managing vehicle speeds and ensuring a safer environment for workers and drivers alike

* Highly Visible LED Screen: Vehicle speeds are instantly displayed on a bright LED screen, ensuring clear visibility even in adverse weather conditions.

Key Features:
* Immediate Speed Feedback: The real-time display of vehicle speeds provides immediate feedback, encouraging drivers to slow down and maintain safe speeds within the work zone.

* Effortless Portability: Designed for easy transportation, the SID can be partially dismantled for swift relocation and setup, making it adaptable to changing work zone locations.

* 12v System Compatibility: The SID operates on a 12v system and includes the convenience of connecting to a vehicle's Trailer Lighting Plug, ensuring continuous operation and ease of use.

* Road-Side Work Zones: Enhance safety for road workers and drivers by effectively managing vehicle speeds.

* Construction Sites: Ensure a safer environment for construction workers with real-time speed feedback for approaching vehicles.

* Temporary Traffic Control: Deploy the SID in areas with temporary traffic control measures to maintain safe vehicle speeds and protect workers.
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