Curve Warning

Explore Harding Traffic's Curve Warning Signs – your compliance with NZTA P32 and a powerful Early Warning Sign (EWS) solution.
Product Description:
Our Curve Warning EWS is dedicated to enhancing road safety by providing advanced notice to drivers approaching bends, reducing vehicle speeds, fostering responsible driver behavior, and creating a secure environment for all road users, including cyclists and pedestrians.

Key Features:
LED Technology: Benefit from state-of-the-art LED technology that ensures clear visibility, even in challenging weather conditions.

Built In Radar Sensor: Our Curve Warning Sign is equipped with an built in radar sensor, guaranteeing precise detection of vehicle speeds.

Vehicle Activated: This EWS is designed to activate when a vehicle approaches, ensuring timely warnings to drivers.

Flexible Power Sources: Choose from various power sources to suit your needs, providing flexibility in installation.

Two-Stage Activation: Offering versatility, our Curve Warning Sign displays a left or right curved arrow based on the road's location. If a vehicle exceeds the predetermined speed limit, it immediately displays the vital message "SLOW DOWN."
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Electronic Street Signage, P32 Compliant 
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