Harding Traffic's Illumin8 signs are used to attract the attention of motorists to signs, particularly when one way systems are in force.
Product Description:
Our range of Illumin8 signs are compliant to NZTA standards and are used to highlight or enforce road condition or rules in environments where retro-reflectivity on it's own does not suffice. The edge lit signs use high quality LED's with a lifespan in excess of 100,000 hours and feature DG3 retro-reflective sheeting, so if not illuminated, the sign still complies as it has a high standard of visibility day / night and low light conditions.

These signs are suited for high risk areas such as no entry, no right turn or wrong way applications.

Solar powered or streetlight powered options are available so that even in areas with no mains power, increased visibility can be achieved without the high cost of providing a dedicated power supply.

All Illumin8 signs feature
Signfix mounting channel on the reverse to take advantage of the wide range of Signfix mounting options.
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Electronic Street Signals, Fixed Message Road Signage, Intersection Safety, Mains Powered, Traffic Management 
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