Variable Speed School Zone Sign

Harding Traffic's Variable Speed School Zone sign is designed to significantly enhance safety around schools. It allows alternate speed limits to be set at prescribed times of the day when activated either manually or via the optional radar functionality.
Product Description:
Our Variable Speed School Zone sign is designed to provide a safer environment around schools for children, parents and teachers by temporarily reducing the speed limit during high-risk periods i.e. school start & end times and other special school related events.

The sign incorporates flashing wig wags and (LED) components which are displayed at programmed times, making the sign more effective by enhancing driver awareness.

The signs can also have the optional radar fitted allowing them to flash the inner part of the rondel if a motorist is over the prescribed speed. In addition, when outside school hours, the sign can detect vehicles over the normal speed limit for the road and activate itself to remind the motorist of the the with the prescribed speed limit for the area.

Sign health data, radar data and internal alarms are all available remotely to allow road authorities to monitor the sign and to gain behavioral insight regarding the use of the road.

Combined solar power and wireless activation means the signs are self-sufficient and don't incur any expensive installation costs generally associated with power and communication line trenching and routing. Multiple control options are available for these signs.
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